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The Eighth Day


America as we know it is no more. Free enterprise has devolved into a world ruled by megacorporations. The ultra-rich govern from their towers in the sky while the lower class toil in the gutters just to survive. The corporate states work together to maximize profits and keep the masses placated through the Orbis, a virtual realityscape of online entertainment and the only escape from the bleak reality of existence.

Titus Remington is the son of the CEO of Roman Biogenics, but when the alliance convicts his father of treason, a reluctant Titus finds the mantle of leadership thrust into his hands and must prepare himself to govern his corporate state. However, in his quest to uncover the truth that his father sacrificed everything for, he stumbles upon a dark conspiracy of epic proportions. Now Titus must make a choice: take the throne and wear the crown or risk the wrath of the council to fulfill his father’s legacy and set things right.

But this isn’t the land of the free and the home of the brave. This is a world without justice or hope, a world steeped in corruption and sin, where morality comes in shades of black and gray. This is Democracy Inc, where a life well led means nothing when pitted against profit margins and the bottom line, and with the odds stacked against him, Titus may very well lose everything . . .

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“This was such an enjoyable, engrossing, and sleep-depriving book, deftly written and impeccably edited.”

“I loved the hacker girl so much. She was so badass and such an awesome character! And damn, this whole book was just one thing after another.”

“With conspiracies, charming characters, a complex story, and Titus’ determination to discover the truth, it was so we’ll written it was really impossible to stop reading until the last page was finished.

“Mind-blowing! A mix between a dark, dystopian future and cyberpunk with a wonderful cast of characters who are complex, layered, and not always who and what they appeared.”

Titus’ wry humor was easy to connect to. The characters were well-developed, believable, and interesting.”

“A very well-written story of a possible dystopian future world with great world-building. The characters are well-developed, realistic, and very interesting. Action packed with plenty of twists and turns.

“The author does a great job of creating an immersive world and characters that you feel invested in. I’m reading it now for the second time. An absolute must for fans of the genre!”

Full of adventure and mystery. A dystopian world that has a ring of truth to the world we are building today. “

“A fast-paced and gripping tale about an America ruled by eight megacorporations. I enjoyed it immensely. For sheer entertainment value, you can’t do much better.


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Democracy Inc Concept Artwork by Stephanie Shimerdla