Review of The Eighth Day on The Reading Bud

I sent Heena Rathore P. an advance review copy of The Eighth Day. On April 1, she posted a review on her uook review blog, The Reading Bud. Here’s an excerpt of what she had to say:

“From the imaginative plot to the characterization, the author came out a winner on all fronts. I felt a strong connection with the lead as well as the supporting characters and even the bad guys. The fast pace of the book keeps things interesting right until the end where the book ends with an explosive climax. The ending is perfect.”

She also highlighted some memorable quotes and a paragraph; it was pretty cool for me to see what she chose.

Read the entire review on The Reading Bud by clicking here.

The other reviews on The Reading Bud are organized by author, rating, series, and title. After you’re done reading what Heena has to say about The Eighth Day, be sure to browse through the other reviews on the site for thoughts on other some other great stories by some very talented authors.

Heena Rathore P. is a crime-thriller author with a few books coming soon, and she’s got a agents lining up to represent her. Check out her author website, for more information about her novels.

Thanks for reading my novel and posting the glowing review, Heena, and best of luck with your own writing!

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