The Eighth Day


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The Outlands (Democracy Inc Book 2)

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Democracy Inc


Book 1: Democracy Inc Series

In a world without death…
she is dead.

Titus is no hero. Not even close. He’s not your typical eighteen-year-old, either. This is his fourth life…even if he can’t remember the ones that came before it.

Welcome to the Corporate States of America. For the poor, it’s a struggle to survive. The rich? They clone themselves, living their lives of excess on repeat.

But rich or poor, everyone knows about the mission to colonize Mars. Titus more than most. After all, his mother was on it.

The council said it failed. The reality is so much worse.

Now Titus is determined to find out what really happened. But even if he avoids getting killed, maimed, or unwillingly roboticized, the truth could cost him more than just this life.

It could cost him every life to come…

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Joseph John is an Army officer and combat veteran with over 22 years of active duty service as a CH-47 Chinook helicopter pilot and operations analyst. He is also the bestselling and award-winning author of The Eighth Day and Democracy Inc. Joseph is current stationed at U.S. Special Operations Command in Tampa, Florida, where he lives with his wife and daughter.

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